Ban Pak Mueang near Kui Buri Tuesday 11th December

The cycle out of Hua Hin city was slow and there was a lot of heavy traffic, but it was never a concern, nice and steady.

A small harbour

After a short distance on Route 4 we came upon a proper cycle path, this was separate from the road. The first one we have seen in Thailand.

Proper cycle path

Along here we saw quite a few other cyclists. The cycle path is around 10 km long we stopped on it for 7 km the turned off towards the coast again.

The start of the shrimp farms

The next section ran into two national parks, the scenery was beautiful, Janet saw a large snake in a ditch by the side of the road and the ever present monkeys. All in all giving the best cycling so far even though it was longer than any of the previous days.

We had not booked any accommodation for tonight but dropped on a nice looking resort for 800 Bhat, it is right on the beach.

Completely empty beach

A lone boat on the beach

Just 250 m away we ate a fish supper before walking along the beach back to our cabin for the night

Beer and beach the perfect combination

Finally the route on Strava.

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