Hua Hin Monday 10th December

As predicted it was an uncomfortable night last night, but we were keen and eager to get going today. Our path followed the coast for quite a lot of the day but did include a lovely quiet section a little inland as we approached Hua Hin.

View along the coast road

Plenty of coconut trees to be found everywhere

Today it was a completely flat cycle ride, we even had the wind behind us most of the way and as a triple bonus it was overcast keeping temperatures in the low 30’s.

More views along the way

More …. way

We had a break halfway at Cha-Am, a very tourist town, you could buy your inflatable rubber ring here (not that they are actually rubber) and hire you deckchair for lazing on the beach.

Cha-Am beach and the inflatable seller

Look a proper cycle path (but scooters use it, in fact scooters are everywhere)

Winding our way through backstreets we joined a very quite road that then turned into dual carriageway, still no traffic then we picked up a proper cycle lane! This went all the way into Hua Hin. Here we have our hotel booked, it turned out to be lovely, cheap and surrounded by plenty of shops and restaurants, the bed looks most comfortable as well!

As you can see there is not really any beach at Hua Hin at all

Today’s cycle

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