Ban Huai Yang, a very rainy day Wednesday 12th December

Throughout the night you could hear deep rumbles of thunder and often heavy rain. By morning it had stopped thundering but it was still raining.

There be dragons

All packed and almost ready to go when we noticed Janet’s rear tyre was almost flat so there was a short delay while the inner tube was replaced. The rain got heavier as we were doing this, the owner of the resort gave us some pvc pull over rain coats to wear when we finally left.

Crossing the railway on a very grey day

Yes they were shower proof but after a short while you reached boiling point in it. We stopped outside a temple with a wall topped by two huge dragons beautifully painted where one was removed and one modified to a waistcoat design.

The dragon wall of the temple

At 7 km we turned on to Route 4, it was still raining by the way, and we would spend the rest of today’s cycle ride on this road. Yes it is a dual carriageway, yes it is busy but yes it does have a shoulder as wide as a car lane to cycle down.

Route 4

It was not too long and the persistent rain turned to a torrential downpour, although wet we were not soaked (yet!) so we sheltered and watched it bounce 4″ off the pavement.

Probably 10 minutes which felt like 20 minutes later it was back to normal rain again so off we set.

As we passed Prachuap Khiri Khan there was a recently overturned lorry which had spilt it’s load over the road and verge. They were white husks and the smell was vile, it may have been the inside of the Durian Fruit?? Read what Wikipedia has to say about the fruit HERE.

You need to smell this to truly appreciate it

After lunch the rain stopped and everywhere began to dry, two of the underpasses we cycled past were badly flooded and the farm tracks looked extra boggy.

The final 6 km were towards the coast, again we hadn’t booked anywhere so just dropped into ViphaVille Resort where 800 bhat got a very nice room.

A small inlet just before the sea

Yet another seafood supper, red snapper and some huge shrimps, lovely, before walking to the beach for a look then back to the resort for the night.

Not really any beach here

One ugly chicken

Finally today’s route.

4 thoughts on “Ban Huai Yang, a very rainy day Wednesday 12th December

  1. Thailand looks great from behind your handlebars. How long are you planning to be there? Are you thinking of cycling all the way to Singapore?

    Nightly rate looks good. About 20 quid if I’ve got the exchange rate right. Way cheaper than Japan ?!

    Best wishes to you both.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We will probably be a month in Thailand, then slowly down through Malaysia and we are looking to fly home from Singapore, you must be a mind reader. Accommodation is far more reasonable here, at a third of the price and better quality than japan. We are amazed by just how quiet these thai tourist areas are, off season for locals but main season for Europeans.


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