4 Rivers Cycling to a bend in the river 67 km from Busan Tuesday 30th October

Today was a game of two halves, the first 35 km very much steepness the remainder flat (well nearly flat).

A beautiful day to be cycling

Getting close to the first hill

The day dawned bright and sunny, not a cloud to be seen and would remain so all day. The first 15 km was a very nice flat ride then it changed to a very steep climb up of 13% for nearly 2 km, this was just too much to pedal up if your bicycles are fully loaded tourers so we pushed very slowly.

This is one steep hill

Nice views from the top

There were some good views from the top and of course a nice drop back down to the river and flat cycling for another 8 km.

Our second hill getting closer

Another hill another push, this one was not quite as steep nor quite as long, no views from the top but a good downhill.

The bottom of the hill

This brought us into the first town, we do not go through most of these towns but just pass between them and the river on the cycle path.

And back to that riverside riding

30 km more of riverside riding and we had finished for the day or so we thought, the first motel 50000 won and no check in until 6.00 pm (this has been common to a few motels), the next 40000 won but the room looked very dirty and the final one was shut! We brought food and cycled on to camp tonight, we actually passed a camp ground but for some reason we were not allowed to camp there we were not sure why. On we went and found a quiet flat area on the bend of the river and stopped there.

There was almost a sunset tonight.

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