4 Rivers Cycling on to Jeokgyo Monday 29th October

It was yet another very misty start to the day but the sun made every effort to show it’s face by the time we got on our way.

Nice early morning view

Traffic jams the world over, bumper to bumper

The cycle way started off flat but quite quickly we cycled up the first of two hills today, the word cycled may not be completely true there was some pushing involved.

One steep hill

In another few months the hill will be a thing of the past you have to love tunnels

At the top was a perfect place for a break with lovely views.

The Confucian Academy

A steep descent then again nice steady cycling until hill number two. At the bottom of this the route sign was taped over, which we immediately ignored and continued on. This hill went through a Buddhist Monastery and was very steep indeed no cycling lots of pushing then a drop back down to the river.

There is a Buddhist Monastery here somewhere

We stamped our book at the next certification point on the dam.

If I could only find the button to drop the ball!

Here we had our lunch, but black clouds and rain built up behind us so we rapidly (well slightly quickly) moved on to arrive at a Motel by 2.00 pm. This one was cheap but very worn out, it was clean and would be OK for a night.

Rain clouds are coming

2 thoughts on “4 Rivers Cycling on to Jeokgyo Monday 29th October

    • All hills have a top and usually great view, if no view then you at least get a coast down the other side. Some people have to cycle up every hill, with a fully loaded touring bicycle it is it always possible, pushing up one is no disgrace and we push quite often.
      Thanks for looking in on us.


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