4 Rivers cycling to Dalseong Sunday 28th October

A sunny day greeted us today, “hello” it said.

Janet cycling a very peaceful section

Once more on to the cycle path, again it was to be a flat days cycling.

Much of the way was lined with these

The wind had shifted around to the south meaning it was straight into our faces, but the cycling was easy if slower.

You cannot believe just how much effort has been spent on parts of the cycleway

As it was Sunday there were lots of other cyclists today, we got a lot more “what are you doing with all those panniers” kind of looks!

Out enjoying the river

After 50 km we arrived at a town South of Dalseong, found Luxe Motel, this one is very nice indeed.

The town we stopped in, the motel is along on the left

Food tonight was our first Korean BBQ, we had pork which you cook on a griddle on the table along with other things onions, kimchi, bean sprouts etc. We did get help on what to do with what but we got there in the end, the meal turned out to be lovely.

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