4 Rivers Completed we are in Busan Wednesday 31st October

The temperature dropped to zero during the night, a slight ground frost and the water in our water bottles left on the bicycle froze. We were not cold in the tent though, all wrapped up is several layers.

First thing at our lovely camping spot

The rice fields have been replaced by endless polytunnels

It was a lovely sunny start to the day, and after our porridge breakfast it was time to complete the cycle to Busan, we had 63 km left.

Janet’s new bicycle

Yet another design of a bridge

Cycling today along mostly flat paths was nice and easy, in particular there was a section next to the rail line which was beautiful.

The cycle way next to the train line, all on a platform built out into the river

There were lots of other cyclists today, almost busy.

Almost in Busan

Then before we knew it the last bridge came into sight, a short ride over this and the end of the Four Rivers Cycle way, and what a fantastic route it turned out to be. Once the obligatory pictures were taken it was back towards Busan centre where we hunted down a very nice Motel, booking in for 2 nights as we deserve a day off.

The finish

A very nice meal finished off a very nice day.

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