Chungju Sunday 21st October

Again it was a very damp foggy start to the day but we still managed to get going by 9.30 am with the tent reasonably dry.

Fabulous cycle path

Today was the first day we cycled without seeing any high rise buildings, just lots of small farms growing root crops, rice and chillies.

Harvesting rice

Drying chillies

The route took us on more roads and less paths, the roads were all very quiet though and traffic was never a problem.

A nice bridge railing

This was our lunch stop

It was the first time we saw some fishing today, starting with a managed pool where you sat in a comfortable looking seat and fished directly in from of you and river fishing where they employed 10 to 14rods at a timw.

10 rods at once

Once into Chungju we detoured up to a motel 35,000 won for a very large nice room, a very nice motel.

Once showered we washed our clothes, all the motels we have stopped in have a washing machine you can use for free including powder.

Then into town where Sunday night seems to be a night to close (with some exceptions which didn’t look very appetising) so we failed to find a meal so just resorted to supermarket supplied food, which was not too bad.

After flicking through over 200 channels of TV, resisting the temptation to buy a room heater for 40000 won, there is nothing on TV to watch, so called it an early night.

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