Yeongnyeongneung Royal Tombs then camping on Gangcheonseom Island 20th October

Even though it did not rain last night, the very heavy mist had saturated the tent probably worse than if it had rained. It was a message to have a late start, so it was 10.00 am before we started off.

A misty start at Wellbeing Leisure Campground

The cycling continued to be a pleasure, leaving the Wellbeing Leisure Campground we were suddenly filled with a sense of well … wellbeing.

Cycleways everwhere

A model jet plane powered by a turbine, very impressive even though it landed in a ditch!

It was around 14 km before we took a detour of 3 km to see Yeongnyeongneung Royal Tombs, another UNSECO World Heritage site. It consists of three royal tombs, King Sejong (1450), King Hyojong (1659) and Queen Inseon (1674). This site is so important as it survived all the Japanese incursions and the Korean War relatively unscathed.

King Hyojong’s tomb

King Hyojong’s tomb

King Sejong’s tomb

King Sejong’s tomb

A 400 year old boxwood tree now a listed monument

There is also a museum housing texts dating back to this period.

A book on the protocols for burying a king, 1674

It took us a couple of hours to walk around the site then onwards into Yeoju where we had coffee, cakes, shopped and strolled through the market.

Market day in Yeoju

As we left we spotted the Yeongwolru Pavillion, rebuilt in 1925 giving grand views along the river and city.

Inside the pavillion

View from the pavillion

Just after this we cycled through a huge family campground, full of families camping! It looked lovely, plenty of things to do with your children (cleaning chimneys, eating gruel etc). We crossed over the river again with a very short sharp descent of 21%.

Across the river just after the pavillion

By now it was 4.00 pm and another camp ground came into view on Gangcheonseom Island, a free camping area with what seemed like hundreds of tents on it and one toilet with a huge queue to go, perfect for us.

Many tents here

Yet another nice cycling day.

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