Suanbo Monday 22nd October

Another very misty start to the day, through the mist we could see a cloudy day was ahead for us.

Bridge at the end of the Han River cycleway

The first job was to get the twelfth and final stamp for the Han River section of our ride. The end section to this was a little disappointing, it just kind of stopped with nothing there.

The third river section of the four rivers was next. It started down by the Electric Park in Chungju, the park itself is a collection of country themed displays along with some impressive statues of film icons.

As we left the town everything turned rural again, and then very rural. For the first time there was no road noise as there were no vehicles.

Still hazy

We passed a lovely waterfall near Palbong, pausing to climb above it before more lovely countryside.

Polbong waterfall

A field of chillies

Our destination today was Suanbo, a town famous for hot springs. Our motel has it’s hot water direct from the ground at 53°C, so we could indulge in a spa water bath. After which we ate a kebab type meal before retiring to our room.

Suanbo at night

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