Tathra a story of three hills Day 168 Wednesday 19th September

The sun was out and smiling at us when we left the caravan park, we have a new road to cycle down today, the 9, a “scenic drive”.

We have three hills to cycle up to get to Tathra, the first very steep around 10% again. It was another plod up this and a very rapid descent.

A view down the first hill

This occurred twice more although each time the size and steepness reduced slightly.

As we rolled down in to Tathra the views were fabulous, once back to sea level we had a choice of two caravan parks. Both the parks are very expensive here, we paid $43 for a night, ouch. We did get a “free” coffee and cake as Wednesday is wait for it …. coffee and cake day.

After sorting ourselves out we walked over the road and along a beautiful beach then up to the lookout point passing many blackened trees from a serious bush fire in March 2018 where 69 homes were destroyed.

Remains of the recent fire

Waves crashing on to Tathra beach

Down to the wharf, the only remaining coastal steamer wharf remaining in New South Wales, now fully restored and housing a nice cafe.

The wharf and cafe

Looking out across the bay

A long view of the bay

On our way back we stopped at the lookout for a snack, out in the bay a huge pod of dolphins swam past, too far away to take a picture but binoculars brought them close enough to see in detail.

An early night for extra leg resting as tomorrow is a longer day.

2 thoughts on “Tathra a story of three hills Day 168 Wednesday 19th September

  1. Hello you two, love looking at your photo’s, keep them coming Martin. You both must be very fit now…Janet, I hope you are enjoying the bike ride? Take care both of you. Cheers Lexie


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