Merimbula a lovely small town Day 167 Tuesday 18th September 2018

We went for an early start today as the winds were going to pick up later in the morning, 7.15 am and it was out on the A1 (just for a change!) Coming out of Eden we started up the steepest hill so far which involved several rests and some pushing (it was actually around 9% for anyone technical, that’s steep for a loaded touring bike).

A mural on the side of the water tank at the top of Eden hill

What the mural means

It was nice to get the biggest climb of the day over with first though, of course there is a nice downhill after it.

The start of the downhill

The road was a lot busier today being a weekday with plenty of lorries so more care was needed than on a Sunday.

It was not very long before we arrived at Pambula 7 km before Merimbula and turned off onto a cycle track, this went all the way into Merimbula where we stopped at Sapphire Valley Caravan Park.

A pause before we find the caravan park

The caravan park had more people here than we have seen in any park before, a lot of very expensive looking caravans were on display. Our next door neighbour (82 years old still pulling a tent trailer) was pleased to see us as his very old and well passed it camper tent was no longer the most basic on site, our tent was.

After setting up we walked into town with the fishing gear, then took a stroll along the “boardwalk” looking for the fishing jetty, failing to find it then walking back to near the bridge where we dabbled at fishing for a while, we didn’t catch anything though.

The boardwalk

View of the Merimbula Lake with a swan

Where we were fishing from was an excellent position to observe several light aircraft taking off.

Light aircraft

Back to the caravan park, where in the camp kitchen there was the very unusual sight of someone else in here. In fact around 20 people, it feels very strange to be around where there are so many others, oh and the noise simple conversation makes! Where has our solitude gone?

The solitude must have gone to the same place the wind went too, it did not blow as forecast.

We sat a while in the camp kitchen before going back to our tent for a read in the peace and quiet, these “grey nomads” are a loud bunch.

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