Orbost via East Gippsland Rail Trail Day 161 Wednesday 12th September

After a good nights sleep we raced (imagine snails racing, this gives you an idea of our blistering pace) away from Nowa Nowa onto the Rail Trail, we have 40 km to cycle today all on traffic free paths.

Another trestle bridge

Leaving Nowa Nowa we pass another trestle bridge, in fact we pass another four today, including the site of one caught in 2011 bush fires and destroyed (remember all these bridges are wood structures).

Cycling along singing a song

The quality of the track changed quite a lot, most of the way had a lot of loose stones on the surface, we would say this part of the trail is more suitable for mountain bikes. So we had quite a bone jarring day.

The trail continued to pass through both forest and farmland, we saw a number of kangaroos and were treated to both a male and female lyrebird but as usual too fast for the camera. This is a googled picture not mine.

Male lyebird (not my picture sorry) but a fabulous bird

Today gave a total of 288 metres of climbing with a similar amount of descent.

As we neared Orbost the Rail Trail officially stops 3.6 km outside of town but there is a connecting path to take you in to town. Orbost is a small town on the banks of the Snowy River, we check into the caravan park on the way in, it is in a lovely position next to the river. More about Orbost HERE.

The old rail trestle bridge entering Orbost

Then the usual shopping, shower, food and sleep, another day bites the dust.

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