Bellbird Hotel somewhere very quiet Day 162 Thursday 13th September

We did give some extra time for tent drying today while we packed our things complete with four days food, yes there are no shops for a little while. Also included was a four litre bag of water for tonight again no water available.

Taking a well earned break at the top of the hill

Then a short ride took us onto the main Princess Highway or A1, it had a very good shoulder for most of today and traffic seemed to be very light.

Look closely at the name of the creek

For around 10 km we undulated then had a 6 km uphill climb to Mungwarra Roadside Stop, this was a good example of how they should all be, lots of space, rubbish bins and clean toilets.

After the up came the nice 6 km of down, which was very nice and turned out to be 6 km long!

Then to finish our cycle a final 16 km again undulating to Bellbird Hotel Motel arriving at 1.00 pm.

Bellbird hotel

Here they have a nice paddock at the back you can camp on, no power, no toilets, no water but free! Of course we partook of a meal in the hotel, the food was ok and average priced. We were the only people there, the owner came and sat with us and we learnt all about her and her family!

Relaxing in the sun

The paddock is a very sheltered area surrounded by trees, there are masses of birds here and we sat a while just watching them and failing to identify any but the most obvious.

Blossom and snowdrops

The sky at night was beautiful, a mass of stars with the big white streak of the milky way.

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