Rosebud via the ferry Day 151 Sunday 2nd September 2018

Today was a cycle of two halves, the first from Barwon Heads to Queenscliffe where there is a 40 minute ferry crossing (runs hourly on the hour) to Sorrento. Then from Sorrento to Rosebud where we are stopping with Graham and Lesley.

Early morning view from Barwon River bridge

The cycle to the ferry terminal was straight forward, through and uphill to Ocean Grove then we took Shell Road into Queenscliffe finishing off on the Bellarine Rail Trail going to the terminal building.

Looking across Ocean View

Train about to arrive at Queenscliffe Station

A fish has nightmares about this

It cost $12 each and the bicycles were free, with light winds the crossing was smooth and took the alotted 40 minutes.

The ferry coming the opposite way from Sorrento

Next from Sorrento we followed the Nepean Highway / Point Nepean Road, this hugged the coast and did have a nice shoulder or alternate path all the way into Rosebud.

A view from the roadside

All of the shorefront Caravan Parks (council controlled) were closed until October, so if you did want to camp you have very limited or no choice at all.

Sorrento to Rosebud and all of the towns inbetween have merged together without any break, just a continuous long thin town some 20 km long such is the population of the area, in fact watching recent news when the current population of Melbourne is 5 million only slightly less than Sydney.

Who can resist another bird picture

From the main town we cycled back into the hills around 6 km to Lesley’s and Graham’s house, we even got wet when the skies opened with 1 km to go! Once there we were made to feel very welcome, dosed with tea and then showered, all nice an clean now.

The afternoon (or what was left of it) we spent looking at maps determining the next stage of our journey, and we are still not sure as to which way to go, Melbourne or not to Melbourne? That is the question.

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