Barwon Heads Day 150 1st September 2018

When packing the tent away this morning we noticed some more damage, yesterday a gust of wind blew the tent a very short distance across a concrete slab this was sufficient to wear a series of small holes in the fly sheet! Another tent repair added to the things to do list, which is not very big at the moment.

Our final day on The Great Ocean Road began without rain to begin with. The long uphill section for today took us into Anglesea (yes it does get its name from the Welsh island). The coastal views continued all the way from Aireys Inlet to Anglesea.

Grey overcast but still lovely

Leaving the Welsh island behind another uphill began, here it started to rain heavily, the rain would persist most of the cycling day. The road traffic became heavier but the road did have a very wide shoulder. Around here we saw more cyclists than we have seen on the whole of our trip so far.

More grey overcast but lovely

Really The Great Ocean Road finishes being anything special at Anglsea, probably even before. Certainly by the time you reach Torquay, yes just like the “English Riviera” town we know and love, a place old friends go to enjoy the sea air. Cycling through Torquay we have never seen so many surf shops in one place, if it is to do with surfing you can find it here. Torquay is home of RipCurl (well know surfing brand) and Bells Beach, world renowned surf beach.

The road became very flat and very straight but easy cycling from here, we did manage to find a small section of cycle path leading into Barwon Heads our resting point today.

Not looking very dry but on a cycle path

In town we paid $38 (eek!) to camp, after around an hour the skies lifted a little and we even saw the sun so a nice (ish) end to the day, everything dry again. The tent received the repair it needed and we are now good to go again.

Bridges over the Barwon River

The Barwon River meets the sea

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