Port Wakefield a short ride away, Day 110 Tuesday 24th July 2018

Some of tbe time there is very little wind first thing in the morning, by first thing we mean dawn (around 7.30 am here), often even when strong winds have been forecast. Today we got up early and left at dawn, the winds were OK at this time.

It was a very hazy day, visibility left a lot to be desired.

Hazy but still pretty

The road was busy even at this time of day but it was quite wide and had a good shoulder so all the cycling today felt safe (no wobbling at all!).

The route started North then Northeast then East then Southeast then South, we were cycling in a “n” shape today. The best part was that what started off as a headwind finished as an very nice tailwind.

We are just about to leave the Yorke Peninsula here

Our destination of Port Wakefield Port Wakefield Information arrived very quickly and we had booked into the caravan park by 9.30 am, cost $20. Port Wakefield is another very small township, the grocery store has closed (a new gas station is being built on the main road housing a small grocery store). We had a drinks voucher given to us for the hotel, and as it was schnitzel night that was our evening meal sorted.

After chatting to the manager of the campground we purchased some bait and spent a few hours attempting to catch a fish, any fish would do but they proved very elusive. It was still very relaxing fishing the boat channel which runs through the mangroves.

A channel through the mangroves leads out to sea

Just before 6.00 pm off we went for our schnitzel at the Rising Sun Hotel Their facebook page, it was almost full already, we got our complementary drinks and ordered a Mexican and Summer Salsa schnitzel. You get a very nice salad bar to pick from as well, all very fresh. They food was excellent, very tasty and good portions highly recommended as place to eat.

This was the last day for quite a while we will cycle in a Northerly direction, from now on it is South all the way, which as everyone knows is downhill, we shall see.

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