Almost in Adelaide Day 111 Wednesday 25th July 2018

After a quite noisy night (a number of the cabins were occupied by construction workers who were not quiet). Nonetheless we were packed up early and ready to go by 8.00 am.

At 2 km out of Port Wakefield the dual carriageway started, it continued all the way into Adelaide.

Nothing very much to photograph en route so here is a picture of the road

Without any wind and practically flat we made good time, the kilometres flying by. The road while very busy had 2 lanes for vehicles and we had a very wide shoulder for ourselves.

When one bicycle is not enough try cycling with a spare just in case

We came off the main road to visit Dublin for a drink stop, so many places here are named after towns and cities back in the UK, we cycled past Winsor later on.

The good road continued for 44 km until the shoulder shrank to the normal South Australian size (almost nothing!) There was 11 km of this where care was needed. This time Lorry Drivers were by far and away the best and most considerate drivers, then car drivers and lastly caravanners who once again demonstrated an inability to read the road ahead to either slow down or change lanes and of course completely unaware that their caravan is actually wider than their car (I apologise to any caravanners who do not fall in to this catagory).

At Two Wells we left the A1 dual carriageway and cycled on the old highway, a much more pleasant and relaxed affair, pausing to pick up food for tonight and a drink of wine. This old highway passed a number of olive growers and pressing companies all offering various cold pressed oils.

Olive trees

Continuing on we cycled through Virginia, the first town which we have seen any Asian Australians in. It was also a very busy town, people everywhere compared to what we are used to.

Then it was back onto the A1, but now it had an even bigger shoulder and actually had pictures of bicycles painted on the road indicating a cycle lane, not that it was really a cycle lane it was still just a shoulder on a dual carriageway.

Not too far along we crossed over the carriageway to get into Highway 1 Caravan and Tourist Park, at $37 expensive but perfectly manicured, the pitch was on luxurious grass (as opposed to just grass or weeds pretending to be grass) right next to the camp kitchen. We were disappointed to have to pay to use the barbecue considering how expensive the site is and for the first time you have continuous road noise (which is to be expected as we are next to Highway A1).

After a massive barbecue stir fry, wine, biscuits and chocolate I let Janet win at cards and another day could be crossed off our calendar.

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