Passing through Melrose on to Murray Town Day 96 10th July 2018

Up and awake by 7.00 am ready for breakfast at 7:30 with Heather and Simon. It was then time for a final pack and a chat about what equipment works for us, generally exchanging ideas. Shockingly though there was a layer of frost over their cars it was below zero last night.

Janet, Simon and Heather

There was nothing else left but to wave a farewell to Heather and Simon who allowed us into their home, fed us and gave us a bed, what more could you ask for. Again thank you for your kindness.

Leaving Wilmington we followed the South Flinders Rail Trail for 19 km almost to Melrose. As the name suggests it is flat but the surface is very variable (they were still working on the track for quite a long section) so you need a sturdy bicycle to cycle along it, not really a road bike more of a mountain or hybrid bike.

The rail trail

It started very misty over towards the hills on our right, as the day wore on the sun burnt this away to leave a lovely sunny day.

Where is the sunshine?

The trail finished around 2 km outside Melrose, again this is a lovely town but had more visitors which must be part due to the local council making a whole series of mountain bike rides / trails, the local bicycle shop also had its own cafe where we stopped and had coffee before our lunch.


Out of Melrose we returned to the highway, a little more up and down but very nice cycling, the road was very quiet so there was no problem with any traffic.

The road out of Melrose

Today we cycled 40 km to finish at Murray Town, a very small town! with no shop and a closed hotel. They do have a town campground, for $7 including showers, an under cover cooking area, hot water and firewood. Which just for a change we used and lit a camp fire then sat outside watching the sun drop below the horizon.

Camping at Murray Town

It is going to be another cold night tonight, a frost is forecast, time to wrap up warm.

Our modest attempt at a fire

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