Wilmington Day 95 Monday 9th July 2018

A short 33 km day means a very gentle start, there was even time to allow the tent to dry, as a result it was not until almost 10.00 am we left the site.

The start of Spear Creek Road

Leaving Stirling North we cycled along Spear Creek Road which is sealed but very narrow for 18 km, slowly gaining height (around 200 m). It was just lovely to cycle along a road with virtually no traffic, just very occasionally a car or caravan passed. We did meet a nice couple, Peter chatted a while and took photographs with the Flinders Range in the background in fact we would bump into them later in Wilmington.

Spear Creek Road with the Flinders Range in the background

Once we joined the Horrocks Pass Highway the nice steady climb began, adding a further 262 m on to our height (for all PE teachers out there that makes 462 m total). It was really lovely cycling (Martin) or it could have been a horrendous toil (Janet).

This is actually a steep hill Janet is making look easy

At the top of Horrocks Pass we paused at a small obelisk with a commerative plaque to John Horrocks and ate a little lunch before a nice descent (there is always a payback for that climbing).

Janet reading the plaque

Then all of a sudden we were in Wilmington sitting having a coffee. It is a nice town which looks to be suffering at the moment, the hotel has closed and everything looks a little worn around the edges.

The descent into Wilmington

We sat for a while in the park then made our way to Heather and Simon’s where we are stopping tonight, with just perfect timing we arrived just as they returned home.

After a nice shower and use of a proper towel (there are certain small things you miss when travelling, and use of a large soft towel is one of them). We sat with Heather and Simon chatting and enjoying a drink then eating a lovely meal. Great food and conversation is a perfect way to end the day.

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