Day 86 Wooooo downhill all the way to Wickenburg

During the night we heard a lot of grunting (no not what you are thinking!) and scuffing outside our tent. We were told to make sure that any food was stored well above ground level as there are Javalina Pigs here. They are not actual pigs but are members of the peccary family, 40 – 60 pounds (that is one expensive small pig) and around 18″ high.

Goodbye Yarnell

Our food was stored in the back of a Richard’s pickup who is on the plot next to ours, thank you Richard.

Having packed up ready to go and only then did I see that my rear tire (tyre) was flat. As it must have lost pressure overnight, so a quick inflate and we were off (I will sort it out later).

It was straight into another fabulous descent with beautiful views all the way down, almost 10 miles of down. Along here we saw our first proper cactus, just like you see on the television!

A brief drink stop in Congress then we followed a railway for another 9 miles, this was still a gentle down, we are seeing some very desert like conditions here.

Janet still looking for the engine on her bike

A final drop down into Wickenburg giving a total of just 26 miles today. The campground is quite a way out of town, and it is the next presidential debate on TV tonight so a motel is called for. The Los Viajeros Inn was our choice, and it is an excellent motel and I would recommend it to anyone.

I did have to cycle 3.5 miles to the post office (who builds a post office so far from the centre of a town? It must be someone who just drives everywhere). At the post office I collected the maps for the next section of our cycle ride.

Tire (tyre) fixing now, in the end I had 2 punctures and Janet had one. This put the totals up to 6 for me and 2 for Janet.

Finally it is settling down to the next debate.

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