Day 94 Up to a Spa in Jacumba

Today is the first climbing up day we have done in a while, so a very early start is the order of the day. 5.30 awake ready for 6.30 depart, no really this is what we actually did.

Sunrise, proof we actually got up early

Clay cycled with us today so the three of us left together, we made a brief stop at the gas (petrol) station for toilet duties, the cafe had no access to a toilet once it had closed (3.00 pm yesterday, and even the huge bladdered amongst us could not hold that long). Continue reading

Day 93 A cycle to Ocotillo

Our host Brian went for an early morning bike ride with his club (6.00 am) for an hour or so, by the time he returned we were all packed and ready to go (Janet did not want to go for a warm up ride).

Brian, so tough he cycles only in his socks

But before we left we had to have a good chat about bicycles and touring (a good delaying tactic). I did manage to get a replacement allen key (I left mine on the shoulder during one of the many puncture repairs). Then there was the picture and signing the visitors book, we also said farewell to Thomas, we wish him well on his journey.

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Day 89 Cycle into Blythe

The B-10 RV Park was very noisy, probably (no definitely) the worst so far, the interstate just never stopped, very busy. It is a main route into Los Angeles.

All the “tenters” were still asleep as we packed up, they were all men with nothing at all except their car or pickup (and sometimes a dog), they were going to overwinter here then move on before the temperature soars (the 120’s in summer).

B-10 RV Park

Again my bike had a flat tyre to start the day with, the front this time. It turned out to be a split down the seam inside, I tried to repair it but it failed straight away. I fitted the spare one and threw that one away.

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Day 87 Into Salome

Today we have 55 miles to cycle unless we get desperate (we are always desperate) and stop midway at a very run down motel. As there was a “continential” breakfast supplied we picked up some cakes! fruit and a cup of tea before we left (they do like a sweet cake or donut to start the day here). Then it was onto highway 60 which we follow all today.

Goodbye Wickenburg

A short cycle to the centre of Wickenburg then a nice 10 miles of gentle upness starts. It was now 8.00 am and already 25°C. We cycled through a very dry landscape, I still love to see the Saguaro cactus (the one we all associate with a desert cactus) standing in all it’s glory, I know if you live here they are nothing special but they are just fabulous to us.

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Day 86 Wooooo downhill all the way to Wickenburg

During the night we heard a lot of grunting (no not what you are thinking!) and scuffing outside our tent. We were told to make sure that any food was stored well above ground level as there are Javalina Pigs here. They are not actual pigs but are members of the peccary family, 40 – 60 pounds (that is one expensive small pig) and around 18″ high.

Goodbye Yarnell

Our food was stored in the back of a Richard’s pickup who is on the plot next to ours, thank you Richard. Continue reading