Day 85 Up Up Up to Yarnell

A rapid pack away and on the road by 7.30 (a nice time to start a day, the wind still still, the temperature cool and the roads quieter). A wave goodbye to Mark our beer supplier from yesterday and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go (pretend you have the thunderbirds on when you read this).

We started off with a climb up a hill (what else would you climb up? A ladder, a tree, a greased pole). The road was a narrow twisty one and a pleasure to cycle along, we ascended to 6100 ft then had a rather magnificent descent,  one of the best road descent we have done. Passing through Wilhoit and Kirkland rapidly. Out of the first 18 miles around 10 miles were coasting downhill and we loved it.

A lovely down

A very shiney sun

 Then there was the inevitable climb up again, here we were passed by 5 road cyclists. It was a definite slow and steady for us.

Peeples Valley was the next town, it was nice with a very well stocked store / gas station where we took a well earned rest (although we were only 3 miles from out stopping point of Yarnell).

Janet wizzing by

The last miles were easy enough into the town of Yarnell, here we headed for Oak Park RV and campground. We have a nice flat spot between campers (they pack them in a little here). Lesley the owner (she has been here 4 months now) could not be more welcoming, we found out there is nowhere to buy beer here, we must have looked thirsty so Lesley took pity on us and gave Janet a lift to the store 3 miles away just for a beer.

Nice and cosy

In Yarnell 2013, there was a lightning strike which started a fire nearby, the fire department just though to let it burn out. The wind changed direction though and caught the town out, it killed 19 brave firefighters and destroyed property. The town has never recovered from this, many businesses failed as a result, the town grocery store never reopened. Sad indeed.

We decided to eat out tonight, meat loaf and chicken chimichunga (?) The meatloaf was OK the chicken was quite nice. Then a quick shop in Dollar General (another Poundland type store), then the day has gone.

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