Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur Saturday 9th February

A day for some sightseeing, the Batu Caves. This is both a natural cave system and a very holy Hindu Temple.

A lot of information about the caves and temple is on Wikipedia

Lord Murugan

We called a Grab taxi for RM17 which took around 20 minutes and dropped us right outside.

The stairs leading up to the cave

A monkey enjoys the snack

Immediately the 47 metre high golden statue of Lord Murugan standing to the right of the entry stairs draws your eye. The stairs themselves were controversially painted in many colours in 2018, there are a total of 272 steps to climb.

As you climb the steps there are good views out across the city. As ever there are a lot of monkeys ready to eat anything food like, the many tourists and devotees happily obliged.

Views galore

At the top you enter the cave proper, the cave has several hindu shrines and temples, it is a really huge space. In a few places the cave opens out so you can see the sky.

Inside the cave

Still inside the cave

There are quite a few peacocks inside

An open section

A short movie clip of the cave can be seen by following the link

And of course more monkeys

Descending the stairs back to the car park area there is the cave villa which we did not visit but could see a pool packed with fish (carp and catfish).

Lord Hanuman

Even Colin or Jason could catch a fish here!

We had a short walk to the Ramayana cave purchasing a few sweets on the way before calling another taxi to return back to The Robertson. The Batu Caves are a very impressive site well worth visiting.

2 thoughts on “Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur Saturday 9th February

  1. I was only thinking of our trip to KL yesterday and remembered that we visited Batu caves with Joe. Pleased to hear you made the trip too. Amazing experience!


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