Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur Sunday 10th February

Another tourist day today and a visit to the Petronas Towers, cost RM80 per person. You can book online, picking a time slot and you are sent a QR code for each person which is scanned on entry.

View up just before you enter the towers

Wikipedia has lots of information on the towers

You are in groups of around 20 people and colourcoded and get taken around as a group.

First elevator ride up is to the skybridge joining the two towers, like many road bridges it allows for movement of one tower relative to the other, around 20 inches in total. This is 170 metres up on the 41st floor, after 10 minutes or so you then continue up to the 86th floor where you can view all around. All the viewing is from behind glass though so photography is not ideal.

The sprawl of Kuala Lumpur from the skybridge

The other tower from the top with the Kuala Lumpur Communication Tower on the right

It’s the top

Looking down on the tiny people

More urban sprawl

When you coloured group is called it is down to the obligatory gift shop where there is everything tower related you could possibly want (and never knew you even wanted as well), we resisted.

From here we walked back via the KLCC park, a nice 17 acre green space in the city.


Impressive root systems

One last picture looking back

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