Back to Coffin Bay Day 83 Wednesday 27th June 2018

Another very leisurely start, moving all our things from the tent to a picnic bench overlooking the bay where we prepared and ate breakfast.

Nice place for breakfast

It was then back out on to the roller coaster road retracing our steps into Coffin Bay town to eventually finish up at the Caravan Park again.

Not emus they were too fast!

The ride out was as lovely as the ride in, this time we saw a flock of eight Emus with their young go dashing off into the bush as we cycled past. All this against a backdrop of sand dunes, sea and native bush plants and trees.

The short ride was soon over and we left the quiet of the National Park and entered Coffin Bay, taking the long way around to the caravan park, you get to see just how many houses in the town are rental properties, tourism drives the whole economy here.

Once sorted at the caravan park, we took the fishing rod down to the jetty where the pilchard boat had already docked and was unloading. We set up and grabbed some pilchards which had missed the large containers and were on the jetty (they do not give any away from the containers). Our starting place was not quite right and nothing was caught, but we did get given a squid which had been caught with the pilchards and was surplus to requirements. Moving closer to the boat go better results and a couple of salmon trout were bagged, again we were given three mullet all within 30 minutes of getting to the jetty, this was enough for us so we stopped went back and filleted the fish and gutted / cleaned the squid.

Just enough time for a bird picture

Not content with going fishing once it was off to Snapper Point to try again, hopefully getting something else (a snapper maybe!). It however only resulted in failure, returning to the campground empty handed.

As this is the premier place for oysters (Coffin Bay Oysters are supposed to be the best in Australia! So says the Eyre Peninsula leaflet and who am I to argue) off we went for a tasting. For $19 we had a dozen flavoured made up of 6 uncooked (3 thai ginger with lime and 3 teriyaki) and 6 cooked (3 kilpatrick and 3 tempura battered), I can now confirm neither of us like oysters.

The cooked oysters

Meanwhile back at the camp kitchen feverish preparation was going on, mullet, salmon trout, pilchards and calimari all went together to produce a wonderful meal, everything was just lovely. To accompany it we were still working through the wine box and to finish it was our last piece of cake.

Not a great picture but you get the idea

There was enough time to watch the world cup highlights including Australia’s demise. It is now gone 7.00 pm and is late for us so lights out all goodnight.

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