Day 137 Some Culture at the Getty Centre

Today is culture day (not some petri dish grown fungus either), we are off to the Getty Centre. After our breakfast we paid our $1.75 to travel on the Number 2 bus for 20 miles (the city is huge so you can travel a long way on public transport).

The bus travel all the way along Sunset Boulevard,  with a slight detour into UCLA (university). We went through the film and music area we visited yesterday and continued on towards Beverly Hills. As you got closer the type of shop changed, a lot of designer brands now

We entered Beverly Hills, past the Beverly Hills Hotel ($645 a night), past the mansion sized houses surrounded by lovely lush tree and plant growth, remember there is a severe water shortage here (unless you are wealthy of course). There are many well know roads here we passed Rodeo Drive for all your shopping needs.

Then a short loop through the university passing lots of the frat houses with their greek letter names emblazoned across the buildings, such as Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Almost there and we entered Bel Aire where we got off. A short trek, I use the word trek as the footpath was overgrown and not pleasant to walk along. From the entrance of the Getty Centre you catch a tram to the top of the hill. As you get off the tram you enter a different world, a lovely calm relaxing place where everything is just right, a very beautiful building.

Just inside the entrance

After a coffee break we had a wander around the galleries, we saw some Monet, Rembrant, Cezanne, Turner …… not lots and lots of pictures so you get overwhelmed by it all but just enough so it remains interesting. Along the way you get to see magnificent views, and when you do go outside you can discover corridors and walkways galore, with large pieces of sculpture everywhere.

The gardens are not huge but are lovely, well thought out and full of hard landscaping features complementing the planting.

It is very worthwhile visiting here, it is free to enter as well.
Our journey back too longer than the one getting us here, it was rush hour again. Once back we tucked in to a beef casserole which we made yesterday, it was just what we needed after a long day. A few drinks later and we were off to sleep.

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