Day 113 To Big Sur

After 2 days of wet tent syndrome, we had dry tent disorder which assisted in a quick pack up and away. We said goodbye to Ralph and Imke who are currently on a 2 year world cycle trip.

Ralph, Imke and Janet

There was no mist today woot woot. Today consisted of many ups and downs in stunning costal scenery (plus it was a little cooler with no wind at all today making cycling very pleasant).

Mist free at last

The blue of a very blue ocean

There was just one big climb today just before Big Sur, this held no fear for us and we easily made it to the top where a fast (Martin) and slow (Janet) descent awaited. We stopped at Big Sur Campground, where for the first time in 5 days we could shower! The pitch was in the middle of the famous Big Sur redwoods (a smaller version of the huge redwoods found elsewhere in the Sequoias National Park California), although welcome in the summer as supplying cooling shade. Cooling shade was not something we wanted now, warming sun would have been a lot better but it was not to be.

Big tree

We purchased a few things from a very expensive convenience store and with them managed to make a truly unremarkable meal. Another laundry day (they come around faster and faster) making us clean everwhere.

Today was 36 miles with 2700 ft of climbing.

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