Day 101 A day off in San Diego 

Today was a day to do something different, so what could we do but some sea kayaking. This is the advantage of staying where we are, only a short walk to 5th and Broardway then we caught the number 30 bus which goes all the way to Jolla where there are sea caves and beautiful coastline. It took about one hour to get there (and cost $2.50 each).

We encountered a slight problem, there were 4 different companies all with similar names and I forgot which one we booked with! So you guessed it the last one we tried was the correct one (so maths students can you calculate the probability of this happening?)

Equipped with life jackets and helmets we walked to the beach with our guide Annastasia, we were in a 2 person kayak. Janet at the front whilst I relaxed at the back and just beat time (imagine the huge bald man on the giant slave ships beating a drum, well you get the idea).

It was only a short section through the breakers, there was very little swell today, into open water. Then we paddled over to the cliffs which was a lot harder than it must have looked. Here there were pelicans and sea lions. In the water shoals of a bright orange fish (one named Nemo I believe) called Garibaldi (nothing like the biscuit either).

We got to paddle into and out of one of the caves, this was very large inside and most impressive. Then on the way back saw the Rose Canyon fault line, an offshoot of the San Andreas fault. Considered a high earthquake risk. Finally we “surfed” back to the beach, it took around 2 hours and was great fun.

Another bus ride back to the hostel then we went for a walk up to Bilbao Park. This is where the zoo is and more museums than you can shake a stick at (if that is your thing, and you have a stick readily to hand). We strolled along El Prado the main boulevard into the park. It did also seem to be the route planes followed when they came into San Diego airport, they did look very impressive up close. On a sadder note there were many many homeless people in the park (and also in the Gaslight area of town), more than we have seen anywhere else.

Then it was time to update the gps information (a total of 2700 miles cycled now), along with a laundry session. By now it was 6.00 pm and dark so time for food, we returned to the same bar for beer and a basic meal (there are a lot of very expensive resturants here where a meal for 2, and it would not have been much more than a bar type meal, would cost $70.00).

Tomorrow we are off to Carlsbad around 40 miles up the coast.

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