Day 116 To KOA Ano Neuvo

As we only had a short 20 mile day today a long overdue lie in almost took place (well maybe an extra 30 minutes). We sat down with Rita for a lovely english breakfast, thank you, the first one since July and also tried Persimmon, a lovely refreshing semi sweet taste, try one today (make sure it is ripe!). With nice tea and coffee we chatted away for a while before the campground called us onwards.

Seafront rollercoaster

Pier and beach Santa Cruz

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Day 115 Into Santa Cruz

You do get a nice easy start from a motel, everything packed and ready to go. Again it was a chilly start (all relative though, back home it would be a lovely start) hat, gloves and gilet on. It was straight on to the cycle path from yesterday but this soon finished and we rejoined highway 1.

Near the end of the cycle path

The highway was very busy indeed, just a steady stream of cars really.

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Day 113 To Big Sur

After 2 days of wet tent syndrome, we had dry tent disorder which assisted in a quick pack up and away. We said goodbye to Ralph and Imke who are currently on a 2 year world cycle trip.

Ralph, Imke and Janet

There was no mist today woot woot. Today consisted of many ups and downs in stunning costal scenery (plus it was a little cooler with no wind at all today making cycling very pleasant).

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Day 112 Dampening our way to Plaskett Creek Campground

Today we woke to a tent that was absolutely saturated inside and out with condensation from the mist that had rolled in overnight. In fact the whole site was shrouded in a blanket of it.

Misty coastline

By the time we had packed up and ready to start the sun was well up, or at least we think it was, you just could not tell, the sun’s warmth was not impacting on this mist.

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Day 111 To San Simeon Campground

The tent was the wettest yet, the warm evening and very damp wet air made it seem like it had rained. As we left Oceano behind the road gently rose and fell but surprisingly there was actually a tailwind so we made good progress.

Passing through Grover Beach then Pismo Beach then Shell Beach, all of them having more RV Parks that you would know what to do with (unless you had an RV to park of course). As you can tell with the give away common name clue in all the last three places, we followed the coast closely.

RVs RVs everywhere

Then we turned inland and all of a sudden there seemed to be green everywhere, proper green not green caused by irrigation. Although there are many many vineyards here, acres and acres devoted to the grape.

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