Goodbye Thailand Hello Malaysia, (Langkawi) Tuesday 15th January

Today is the last day in Thailand, we are really sad to be going but it is time to move on. Thailand has been a fabulous country to visit and a brilliant place to cycle, we recommend it to anyone, please visit. The people are friendly, you will always hear a shout of hello and see a smiling face. You can have the madness that is Bangkok and the beauty and quiet that exists just off every main road. Goodbye.

A view of Malaysia

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Satun very close to Malaysia now Sunday 13th January

Today should have been cycling mainly away from the main road but it didn’t turn out that way. It started very well, a lovely traffic free (well apart from the scooters) minor road. Then the route so meticulously planned last night took us up a red clay track which after the rain did not look inviting so we detoured around this only to go onto another track and worse still the next road just did not exist!

A good track surface

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La Ngu getting closer to Malaysia Saturday 12th January

Last night was a very comfortable night, we could have easily stopped in bed a lot longer. This is unusual in Thailand as the majority of beds are very hard with a huge pillow so you head feels like it is 45 degrees to your body.

We started by following a small road out of town before a short stretch on the main road. Again the side roads proved to be virtually traffic free.

Through the plantations and up to the hills

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Ban Thung Yao peaceful cycling Friday 11th January

The route today was a little longer but mostly on small roads so we started out looking forward to todays cycle.

There was a short stretch on the main road but we quickly turned off this onto side roads. The side roads were very quiet to traffic free and had the usual mix of tarmac, potholed tarmac, concrete, potholed concrete and dirt (with everything).

Banana tree lined road

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Sikao Wednesday 9th January

We didn’t rush out today but still left at 9:00 am. Today’s route was similar to yesterday, almost 50 km on different types of road.

The first section followed Route 4, even though it is a dual carriageway we did not see very much traffic at all and in common with our visits to the 4 previously there is a shoulder wide enough to drive a car along.

Turning off the main road it was almost immediately traffic free, it went from a tarmac surface to concrete slabs to dirt track before returning to the 4 for a last short visit today.

View out into a palm plantation

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Khlong Phon Tuesday 8th January

Three quarters of the route today (that is 33 km) reverses how we got on to the island of koh Lanta.

Before we went anywhere a repair was needed as Janet had another flat tyre!

Eventually it was up and over the bridge then a climb up and coast down to the ferry. At the ferry there is a separate queue and ticket office for scooters, pedestrians and cyclists. 50 Baht later we waited 10 minutes for all the cars to get on then us and some scooters.

A last view of where we stopped

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Koh Lanta a cycle around the island Monday 7th January

We had planned to cycle down to Old Town Lanta stop there for a night and get some sort of ferry across to the mainland from there. All the best laid plans …. in fact we started off the day by walking down to the pier area and asking about a ferry to the mainland, there is only a small speedboat which cannot take bicycles going eventually to the mainland. That nice bridge brought the demise of a number of ferry routes as it is now easier to drive.

Our only view of the sea from the West side of Koh Lanta

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On to Koh Lanta the 6th and another day in Khlong Thom the 5th January

On the 5th we spent the day in Khlong Thom again, there was quite a lot of rain still as the tail of Pabuk passed over North of us. Nothing else to report for the 5th, even a complete lack of pictures.

Now today the 6th is different, waking up to clear skies and the temperature already near 30 °C, Pabuk has well and truly gone so it was time to pick up our original route again, off to Koh Lanta.

The start of our cycle once across Route 4 follows quiet roads for about 15 km, back through rural Thailand, everyone shouting hello as we pass, the young children waving at us.

Much quietness

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