Day 98 A short journey along the Mexico 1

Not a very swift start today, we spent a little time trying to track down someone  who could offer us accommodation in Tijuana, sending a few emails but no reply yet. After our bikes were packed it was time for some cereal, Frosties (or Zucaritas in Mexico) and All Bran (or All Bran in Mexico).Antonio had already gone to work and their sons were at school. However Antonio came back from work to see us off. Both Mara and Antonio have been so good to us, treating us like family, thank you.

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Day 97 No cycling just relaxing

.It is so nice here with Antonio and Mara that we will spend a day looking around the town. A most leisurely start indeed, having a beans, cooked dried beef and tortillia breakfast prepared by Mara. It was lovely, I would rate it similar to our bacon, sausage and egg breakfast.

We also did our laundry, again thank you Antonio and Mara. Around 11.00 am we cycled down into town. It was the old part of town we visited, this is around the harbour area. There are more resturants and bars than you could visit in a week let alone a day, we sat on the sea front for quite a while just taking in the surroundings.

Relaxing by the sea

Doesn’t this look fun?

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Day 96 A long road to Ensenada

We were ready and out by 7.00 am, and the first time on the trip we used our cycle lights. The roads were just starting to get busy as we made our way back to the centre of town and picked up the Mexico 3 road to Ensenada. A very short drop down to the railway and dry river then it was up up up all the way and very steep as well.

Sunrise in Tecate

Immediately we noticed that unlike the USA there are actual real buses here, you could get around easily without having to use a car.

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