60 km East of Madura Roadhouse Day 60 Monday 4th June 2018

As the forecast northerly wind did not start until after daybreak we waited a little while so the tent was just damp when it was packed away.

An early morning purchase of milk, including enough for tomorrow gave us a nice breakfast, although I needed to ask in the restaurant part of the roadhouse as the “shop” did not have anything at all.

There was the short final coast down to the plains below which we took full advantage of as it is so rare at the moment.

A proper downhill

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The road takes a bend at Caiguna Roadhouse Day 57 Friday 1st June 2018

When we arrived at the rest stop it was deserted apart from the crows, leaving this morning there were around 10 caravanners here, a fairly popular stopping point.

Once again on to the Eyre Highway and it’s straight long road, it was still going on and on. Without any wind as yet, you guessed it, mucho rapido cyclo was done. There was a change in scenery for a while, with an almost savannah looking grassland where you felt a herd of giraffes would not look out of place.

All looking quite empty now

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Still on the longest straight road, Day 56 Thursday 31st May 2018

It was one of those nights where you drift in and out of sleep, we are very close to the highway here and those road trains do not whisper and glide along they shriek and thunder more like an aeroplane than a lorry.

Having turned down the offer of more water from a camper (we have enough for our one more night before we refill at the next roadhouse). It was straight onto the Eyre Highway longest straight again. The road continued the same as yesterday, bushes and trees, trees and bushes. The only way you knew you were making progress was the decreasing number on the green distance markers every 10 km.

Still 80 km from nowhere!

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Balladonia, Skylab and 90 miles of straight, Day 55 Wednesday 30th May 2018

Not a rushed start today, but we did manage to chat a while with other campers including getting our water topped up which was nice.

Onto the Eyre Highway again and it was only 6 km before we stopped as another cyclist came the other way, the first one since leaving Albany. It was Culleen she had started in Melbourne and will finish in Perth after doing the Munda Biddi, it is a strange world and frighteningly small sometimes she stopped with Bev and Dorothy who we met in Jerramungup. After a while exchanging stories and useful information we went our separate ways.

Culleen and Janet

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Long ride to Fraser Station Day 54 Monday 28th May 2018

Even though it was tempting to buy even more food, we resisted adding more load, it also meant a normal time start instead of waiting for the supermarket to open.

It did take a little longer to pack everything this morning, a case of how do we fit it all in? A short 500m on the Norseman Road yesterday’s road then we turned onto the Eyre Highway, our new road of choice for the next 1200 km!

Pictures of the animals the road trains will mow down during our trip across the Nullabor

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Norseman on Day 53 Sunday 27th May 2018

Everything, well the tent, was very damp this morning, it just shows how well protected in the forest we were last night from the strong winds, hardly a breath getting through to us.

We had 50 km to cycle today to get to Norseman, the wind had shifted overnight to a more westerly direction meaning the Great Western Forest was in fact great as it sheltered us from the worst of the wind. It was amazing the difference, all of a sudden 15 km/h was no problem, without feeling as though it was a battle every pedal stroke of the way.

Road and rail cross

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