The totals of our journey

Overall distance cycled 11,500 kilometres:

6,500 Australia

1,100 South Korea

700 Japan

1650 Thailand

1550 Malaysia and Singapore

Punctures fixed 20; Martin 1 Janet 19

Chased by dogs; every day in Thailand

Cases of the squitters; one Martin

Mechanical problems; none just an ongoing oil leak on one Rohloff which would need to be sorted before any more cycling.

Number of flights of stairs the bicycles have been carried up; 19

The number of kind people met; many in every country

Nights camping; 210

Biggest night skies; The Nullabor

Maddest City; Bangkok

Best Currency; The won, we had half a million at one stage

Most annoying insect; ants in every country

Number of mosquito bites; too many to count but never to be a problem

Most useful things; Sunhat, tub of vaseline, small plastic chopping board, microwavable pot, kindle, Clarity Credit card (zero cost foreign currency withdrawls)

Things not used; Our waterproofs! Our first Aid Kit!

Number of SIM cards purchased; 10

Most bicycles seen; Japan

Number of Kangaroos seen; 324,439

Country with the most roadkill; Australia

Number of haircuts; 4, Janet one Martin three

Number of photographs taken; 4,000

Number of relatives will afraid to visit us in case we force them to sit and watch our travel photographs; all of them

3 thoughts on “The totals of our journey

  1. Fantastic. Well done. It’s been a real pleasure to follow you for the past (nearly) 12 months. Hope to meet up sometime. Best wishes Jon and Lyn


  2. I have enjoyed reading your emails all about your travels. I am a friend of Sue, Janet’s sister.
    I would love to meet you time.


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