Singapore, last stop before home Friday 1st March

Having read a few reports of the motorscooter madness of rush hour going into Singapore from Johor we delayed leaving until 9:45.

A tree in full bloom

Follow the signs

You end up cycling a huge loop to get to the Malaysian Immigration checkpoint, uphill as well and worse still manmade uphill.

We followed the motorcycle lane, into the toll booth checkpoint where we were very quickly stamped out, goodbye Malaysia.

View along the bridge

View to the East from the bridge

Then you cycle out across a short bridge and enter the chaos that is the scooter checkpoint in Singapore. It was painfully slow and a bit of a free for all scooters bumping scooters (and us).

Scooter chaos at the border

Eventually you get into a single file lane and proceed very slowly through to the Singapore immigration booth. Just to annoy everyone behind us we had to fill in some entry paperwork. The usual where are you stopping? how are you going to leave? etc.

Just in front of us a German cyclist was doing the same. After one and a half hours we got through into Singapore. To think this was supposed to be a quiet time to enter.

Just another 30 kilometres to cycle across to the southern side of the island, remember Singapore is only a very small.

The first roads we very nice but got busier as we continued on. There was a small detour to pick up a 7 day tourist SIM card, so we are now all connected to the interweb. Form here we picked up the PCN cyclepath which was the first one we have ridden on for a very long time. We followed the river Kallang, cycling past lots of lovely waterfront buildings. There is one slight (major For touring cyclists) problem with Singapore cyclepaths, where they meet a main road, which is very often, the cycle path goes over a footbridge which you have to carry your bicycle up. Not a chance for us with luggage and robust (heavy) bicycles, so it did mean quite a lot of detouring to find level crossings.

Fantastic trees along the way

Lots and lots of building everywhere

Views across the river


More views along the river

It was around 3:00 pm that we arrived at Jerome and Claire’s apartment where we are going to be stopping. We were met by Claire and her two daughters the oldest of which Eglantine has kindly given up her room for us and the youngest Hortense who also very kindly is sharing her room with her sister.

After showering and a rest we wandered out to the local mall on the Geylang Road, the road has an interesting history (including prostitution) more on Wikipedia

We went for a Fatburger in true western style although we are still coming to terms with the high cost of everything here.

The Strava route today.

5 thoughts on “Singapore, last stop before home Friday 1st March

  1. So impressed you’ve got there. Well done to both of you. Enjoy your stay and have a safe journey home. Best wishes Jon & Lyn


    • Arrived at last, the journey has been such an experience. A couple of days here and we will go from basking in 32 degree heat to the tail end of a British winter. Hope we can catch up in the near future.


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