Pontian Kecil Tuesday 26th February

Even though Pontain is only 26 kilometres from Benut by main road, we chose a route of 40 kilometres in an attempt to avoid traffic. It worked, most of the day we followed small side roads and enjoyed the whole journey, yes there was still a little main road riding but only short stretches.

Burning the undergrowth

Unripe durian or may be Jack fruit

A long the way we stopped for an iced tea, while we were sitting there sipping our tea we were completely unaware that a complete stranger had already paid for our drinks until we got up to leave and tried to pay, a random act of kindness, the world needs more of this. While we were sitting with our tea, they were taking half a banana battering it then deep frying it, we couldn’t resist and brought a bag full for RM2 although we passed on the chilli sauce or salt toppings that were offered.

Small collection truck full of palm oil fruit

Yet another road

A small tidal watercourse

We soon reached town and booked into the Sunflower Hotel, clean, comfortable but just tired (like us really if you exclude the clean).

We ate in the restaurant across from the hotel, an expensive meal but it was very nice indeed, lemon chicken, steamed fish (fresh from the tank full of live fish), stir fried vegetables and rice plus a dried salted fish to start.

The Strava route today.

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