Benut Monday 25th February

We could not get into the homestay until 3:00 pm today, so once we had checked out it was time for some bicycle maintenance. Janet’s needed the axle plate tightening, this is a result of a long term problem with the Rohloff hub which will be going back to Germany when we get back home. Mine was just a repair to the saddle, it has actually worn out.

A scene from today

Then we had 6 kilometres along the busy main road which was not so nice, but after turning off the rest of the day was the opposite, quiet roads with no traffic.

Along a side road

A field of pineapple bushes surrounded by oil palms

As we cycled down a side road we stopped and spoke to Iwan, who had been harvesting palm oil, he was originally from Indonesia but now lives here. The large piles of fruits which he accumulates at the roadside are collected in a small lorry then eventually pressed for oil.

Iwan unloads raw palm oil from his motorcycle trailer

There was even a couple rickety bridges we crossed (notice Janet tests for safety first, if she survives I can cross), some dirt track and a main road to finish.

Rickety bridge 1

Rickety bridge 2

It was a good day of cycling, the temperature did hit 49.9 °C though.

A lizard scurries off into undergrowth, it was around 50 cm long

A small dragonfly takes a rest

Entering Rengit just before crossing the main road we were to cycle down later

The Strava route today.

4 thoughts on “Benut Monday 25th February

  1. Hi Martin, just been catching up on your travel blog (as it’s half term!!).
    Loved all the Malaysia posts as we’ve been a couple of times, in fact seeing your photos has made me want to go back – nothing booked for Easter as yet so who knows. Enjoy.
    Annette xx


    • Hi Annette hope you are enjoying your new job and yet more free time. Yes Malaysia has been a lovely place to visit. Our journey is almost over, nearly a year now, so will probably see you soon.


      • It has certainly been an adventure for you both and very inspiring. Have now booked Singapore, Kuantan (east coast of Malaysia) and KL for Easter – see you’re inspiring, however, we’re not taking our bikes!!
        Enjoy the rest of your trip and look forward to a catch up over a couple of beers.


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