Batu Pahat Saturday 23rd February

Today was a reasonable days cycling, certainly the first 35 kilometres was along almost traffic free roads and tracks, but then we rejoined the main road for 25 kilometres more, this was not so nice but still OK.

Lovely cycling even some shade

A children’s playground

Leaving Muar almost immediately we got on to a wide shouldered road before going smaller on to single lane road them single lane track. It was lovely cycling.

A long way on a road like this

Which turned into a road like this

On the final run in to Batu Pahat we were passed by another cyclist, Rebecca from New Zealand who had ridden from Switzerland to here in 10 months, an impressive achievement. We waved goodbye as she raced off down the road only to see her 20 kilometres later as she checked into the same hotel as us. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

For food tonight we went and had a Pork and salted fish claypot, which is exactly what it is Pork and salted fish with rice cooked in a claypot, it was lovely.

Claypot meals

The Strava route today.

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