Muar a quiet days cycle, Friday 22nd February

Due to the comfortableness! of the bed (King Koil Mattress for reference) we had to prise ourselves out of it this morning. Once up we walked over the road for our breakfast then finished packing (taking around 30 seconds) to start out for 9:30.

A nice view out to sea

The cycling today was almost totally flat, never on a busy road and a lot of it on small side roads.

We still managed to find tiny bridges to cross

And more boats in harbours

The Mosques now seem to have lost their round domes and have become more angular

Very early on Janet had another puncture (up to 19 now) which we found a shady spot to fix it in, and also watch monkeys raid a large rubbish bin then the bin men (sorry refuse collection excutives) tidy it all up again.

A giant bicycle

Very soon we crossed from the State of Malaka into our last Malaysian State Johor.

Welcome to Johor

Then it was a final push (figurative not literal incase you remembered the word flat was used earlier) into Muar, over the river and into town where the Wood Boutique Hotel awaited. This is a series of rooms built in an old railway building, all very nice.

Entering Muar

The Wood Boutique Hotel

Wall art in Muar

The world dragon dance champion came from here in 2012

The Strava route today.

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