Malacca, a historic town Tuesday 19th February

As it was only had a short day today we tried to delay our start but still managed to leave by half nine, not very good at stopping in bed.

We continued along the small beach road, no traffic and lovely sea views this continued for a while until there was an army checkpoint, we now know the route planner cannot distinguish between a public road and one through the middle of an Army Base!

Cue the cat photograph, feeling very pleased with itself

Beachside road

The beach

This meant a backtrack adding around 8 km to our day, our short day just got a little longer, plus there was a little more main road cycling.

It turned out to be a real mixture of roads, Route 5, a main road (the only one through the military area) then smaller roads, then some single lane roads through housing estates as well as fields and plantations before returning to the main road for a kilometre into Malacca and the Heeren Straits Hotel.

More of this

Some of this

Malacca comes into view

Malacca centre was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008, more information on Wikipedia

Inside the Famosa restaurant

Wall art close to the hotel

Older buildings

The hotel was one of the more expensive we have stopped in (RM 150 a night) but you really notice the difference, most of the budget hotels we normally use are very worn and badly finished, not this one everything immaculate. We paid more as we are here for 3 nights before moving on.

Food tonight was at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant, strangely there was no chicken rice balls on the menu but we did have pork balls and fish balls, overall 3 out of 5 for this, very average food.

The Strava route today.

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