Pengkalan Balak and a nice cycle down the coast Monday 18th February

Another restful nights sleep and we were good to start today’s cycling. What an excellent day it turned out to be.

The first part followed the main road, it was a good surface with a good shoulder and almost no traffic, win win. As an extra bonus much of it was next to the sea with some nice beaches.

Large sandy beaches

An old entry gate

The main road

More beach

A small inlet

Dragging the boat out

As we cycled we passed resort after hotel after homestay after … as it is only one hours drive into Kuala Lumpur from here there is an amazing amount of accommodation available. There is still a lot of unfinished construction as well probably dating back to 1997 and the Asian Financial Crisis, more informationon Wikipedia

This continued for over half of the cycle, then even better we turned off this onto a single track which wound it’s way next to the sea through houses and fields, all very nice. Until we arrived at Pengkalan Housz where we were stopping tonight.

Single track roads are the best

Crossing and inlet

A short cycle ride out to the nearest Mini Mart for snacks and milk then we tracked down a nice roadside restaurant where we had a roti to start then a sweet but spicy dish which had no name but was nice, all assisted by a friendly local couple who we sat with and chatted for a while.

The Strava route today.

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