Port Dickson on the coast again, Sunday 17th February

Late last night there was a major thunderstorm with torrential rain. Not a night to be in a tent or even out and about.

We were nice and dry, as were our bicycles, and after a good sleep we were ready to get going.

Need we say any more?

Lovely new road

The first 16 km were on a brand new road, dual carriageway with a large shoulder, very nice cycling. From here it narrowed down for a short 5 km section before turning off to a fabulous empty road / track. This was the first like this for what seems like an age.


A rock in a quarry

If I could only talk to the animals

Eventually it became a track

With around 7 km to go we rejoined the main road and followed this into Port Dickson. For more about the port follow the link https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Dickson_(town)

A short (very) detour down to the sea front and a free McDonald’s ice-cream gave us a well earned rest before making our way to the Merlin Hotel.

Selling crabs on the beach

Port Dickson

This is how you serve an ice cream

Mmmmm ice cream

Our room was not ready so we had to wait until 2:00 pm to check in. Once settled it was a burger night tonight, unfortunately very average one. But still a good day nonetheless.

The Strava route today.

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