Kajang, on the road again Friday 15th February

Today we made our way out of The Robertson for the last time, if anyone wants a very centrally located place to stay then you would not go wrong with these apartments, there are lots available on the various booking sites and AirBnB.

An early morning view from the balcony

Today was a nondescript day of cycling, not particularly busy considering we are leaving a major city but just concrete, shops, traffic lights, apartments, road works, ….. repeated over and over. There were a couple of hills today just for added excitement (and added perspiration).

This kind of sums up today’s cycling

It was only a short day though to get into Kajang where we were stopped at the B’Hotel. The hotel is very basic and looking a little worn but it is clean and inexpensive. Plus only a short walk to a large shopping area with a supermarket and lots of restaurants. In the end we ate at the indian restaurant next to the hotel, it was lovely, all the food served on a banana leaf

Just for comparison the view from the window today, the second picture shows the brand new MRT rail line.

The Strava route today.

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