Kuala Lumpur (Burkit Bintang) Tuesday 5th February

Happy Chinese New Year, it is the year of the Pig.

The Chinese New Year is a national holiday here, nearly 21% of the 31,000,000 population of Malaysia is of Chinese ethnicity. This meant the roads were all very quiet as we cycled in to Kuala Lumpur, the short 22 kilometre cycle turned out to be really nice not the chaotic stream of cars we were expecting.

Lots of construction everywhere

We cycled through new unoccupied housing estates, large industrial estates even farmland, but slowly the skyscrapers came in to view. The Petronas Towers being most prominent they were the tallest buildings in the world 1998 to 2004, they still have the deepest foundation up to 114 metres. Lots of Wikipedia information https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petronas_Towers

A main road not too busy

Petronas Towers in the distance as we get closer


Arriving early at The Robertson Apartments we waited until 3:00 pm to get into our very nice 11th floor one bed apartment, with kitchen, lounge, bathroom and bedroom. We had a wander around to see the 50 metre swimming pool and gym on the 6th floor, then up to the 42nd floor to a wading pool and views (we will wait for a nice visibility day to post pictures).

The bicycles we brought up in the lift and into the apartment.

We did make a serious blunder, we exited to the fire escape by accident and you cannot get back into the main building except on your floor. So we descended 31 floors to get out! Won’t be making that mistake again.

We are here for a week now having a holiday from travelling, there will not be a daily post just a post when we do something exciting! But don’t expect too much.

The Strava route today:

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