Day off in Pangkor then cycle to Sitiawan 30th and 31st January

We had a very relaxing day doing nothing, not many pictures at all. It did mean we are actually planned over a week ahead now, which is very unusual for us.

It did rain very heavily around 3:30 pm but we just watched it bounce off the road from the dry of a small restaurant.

Rain from the resturant

Hoping for a decent sunset we even sat a while on the “sunset terrace” of the hotel, it was too cloudy and the sun vanished without giving a nice display. We could see the hornbills being fed on the road below.

Hornbill looking like a king on his throne

The almost sunset

The last day in January started very cloudy for a change as we set off. This time we are cycling the northern road which means we have been a full circuit of the island.

The beach at Teluk Delam

After some ups and downs we cycled in to the small village of Teluk Delam before a proper climb up with some very steep sections, we would guess 16 or 17%, needless to say there was pushing involved.

A lot of this

Some of this

And of course monkeys

The road was virtually empty, only a few scooters passing us.

After 7 kilometres or so we arrived at the pier and got straight on to a ferry which departed 15 minutes later, perfect timing. Next stop Lumut where flatness took over as we cycled out of town towards Sitiawan. The road was a dual carriageway and has a wide shoulder for scooters, and us of course.

Cough cough

Gazing wistfully out to sea

Navy boats next to the naval base

Wooden fishing boat

Lumut pier

Again as yesterday there was a downpour of rain but luckily we were shopping in Tesco so only got a bit damp.

Not much further on we booked into the Hotel Sitiawan, again a clean good size room but no luxuries here followed by a chinese meal.

The Strava route today.

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