Pangkor Tuesday 29th January

Leaving Pantai Remis along the 60 through the middle of town we made a quick stop to pick up some water from the 7/11 then continued on the main road.

Hornbill on Pangkor Island

We stopped on the 60 for another 20 kilometres, not the best cycling but OK. There was no shoulder most of the way and the road was not particularly wide but the drivers were generally considerate. There were roadworks for most of the 20 kilometres, it looked like they were moving all the water pipes and electricity cables ready for the road to be widened although we saw very little evidence of any work actually being done.

Leaving Pantai Remis on the 60

Once we turned off the 60 on to a side road it was a different world, no real traffic everywhere quiet. Very nice cycling, it did include a hill not too steep though then a descent to get down to Damar Laut where there is a rather excessive 1000 foot long pier. Here a ferry goes over the estuary to Lumut, but when we got there we were told the ferry was not running, but by an amazing coincidence he could call a boat over to take us across. Rather than take a 15 kilometre backtrack we agreed and sure enough a small boat appeared and on went our bicycles and across we went.

Quiet road at last

Cannot resist a shot of diggers!

A long pier at Damar Laut

Bicycles on a boat (again!)

On the other side the boat beat a hasty retreat (probably a sign they were doing something they shouldn’t be doing!) We then brought two more ferry tickets to take us to Pangkor island, and around 12:30 pm it left for the short journey across.

Between the mainland and Pangkor island

Approaching Pangkor island

More approaching Pangkor island

Now the final 6 kilometres to Teluk Nipah and our hotel the MNY Hotel and Resort. Cycling on the island was very nice, lots of scooters but few cars, there were some very steep but thankfully short hills on the way.

A steep hill here

We like the sign

We caught sight of three wild hornbills way up in the tall trees by the road. No pictures yet.

There is a nice beach at Teluk Nipah and next to it is Coral Beach the best on the island both of which are a short walk from our hotel. Speaking of hotel this one is lovely, nice big room, seats and a fridge and kettle. There is even a rooftop viewing / sunbathing area with a small pool on it.

One of the first hotels we have stopped at with a pool, a rooftop one as well

For food we ate at a restaurant right on Coral Beach, the food was nice and the location great.

Coral Beach Pangkor

Food tonight on a beachfront table

At 6:30 pm we saw that the chalet owner across the road feeds the wild hornbills so we walked over and amazing to see over 20 of them eating bananas from your hand. They are a large native bird not very commonly seen.

We have uploaded a couple of short clips showing them, click the links below.

Also some more pictures.

This was a fantastic thing to see, our thanks to the Sunset Chalets owner who has been feeding them for the last 17 years.

The Strava route today:

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