Pantai Remis Monday 28th January

After the main roads of yesterday the first 15 kilometres today was beautiful cycling, small zero traffic roads. We passed a lot of palm oil plantations, a couple of very small villages and lots of cattle. A good start to the day.

Animals, birds and trees. Something for everyone.

Below are a few pictures along the way before the main road.

Cycling through a graveyard

Another graveyard

It was on to the A101 which we followed for the rest of the day, the road was quiet to begin with but got steadily busier. But almost all of the remaining cycling was along a shoulder, we only lost this for the final 4 kilometres in to Pantai Remis.

In town we visited the bank and shops before checking in to Hotel Lam Seng, which we had booked over the phone (that is a big advantage of many Malaysians speaking good english, you could never have done this in Thailand). Hotel Lam Seng was inexpensive but clean with a good sized room.

It was curry tonight, and it was excellent from Nasi Kandar Pantai Remis, in fact we would go as far as to say the best we have had in Malaysia.

The Strava route today:

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