Matang Sunday 27th January

Today was our shortest day for a while so a 9:30 am start, nice and leisurely.

A nice rustic boat and woodyard

Twenty seven of the thirty five kilometres cycling was on highway one. As we have posted before a lot of the main roads are fine for cycling. The one is intermittent dual carriageway with a good shoulder. Plus today being Sunday commercial traffic was low.

Passing through towns

The main highway 1

Old steel rail bridge

A Sunday market

We passed a nice Sunday market which happened to be next to a lovely old disused railway bridge.

There were a number of towns and lots of countryside we cycled through all of it completely flat.

When we did turn off the main road the final few kilometres were lovely and quiet. We got to see monkeys playing in the palm trees (everywhere here is palm oil plantation), the first time we have seen them in palms.

At last on to small roads

Pylons cutting across palm plantations

Today’s hotel is the TT Dorf Hotel. It is brand new, you can still smell paint in the corridors, the room cannot be faulted except no WiFi for some reason.

Today’s Strava route is:

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