Simpang Ampat Friday 25th January

After three nights in George Town it was time to wave it goodbye. A couple of kilometres through the old town area brought us back to the ferry.

Leaving George Town

You only pay to get onto the island, getting off is free. You cannot compare it to escaping from Wales now the tolls have gone!

The ferry was loading up as we arrived so we were straight on, no waiting at all.

Cycling straight on with the scooters

Visibility was still poor today but the views as you cross are still fantastic.

A colourful ferry crossing the other way

View from the ferry

Next to the dock on the mainland

Once off the ferry we were waved over to one side and shown an exit missing out the large uphill spiral scooters and cars have to use.

Then today’s main cycle ride began, a pretty uninspiring day. Much of it urban cycling including one stretch on a narrow busy main road.

There was a couple of nice single track roads we followed but they were short sections only.

Along the busy main road

Today we headed for the JV Hotel in Simpang Ampat, it is clean, with a comfortable bed and inside storage for our bicycles.

The JV Hotel

For food we walked to Pearl City Mall and had a lovely meal at Restoran Nasi Kandar Yasmeen, good portions and good prices, Janet did try a Carrot and Milk iced drink, it was actually quite nice.

This is what carrot and milk look like

The Strava route today.

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