George Town, Thaipusam Wednesday 23rd January

We got up again around 12:30 am to walk out to Jalan Burma where the third and final day of Thaipusam has the silver chariot pulled by oxen due between 1:00 am and 2:00 am. There were the huge piles of coconuts still waiting by the roadside, the earshattering music being played, the food and water being given out from roadside booths, hundreds of people finely dressed all waiting.

Everyone awaits the chariot

Wait we did, it was 2:30 am before the procession came through, a cart pulled by people triggered the carnage of coconut smashing, then a clean up crew complete with digger cleared the road ready for the chariot following behind. You certainly can see why it takes a long time to travel 6.5 kilometres.

The smashing begins

Have a look at the movie of it

Men and machines do the clearing up so the oxen can come next

The oxen pulling a 6 tonne cart

Eventually we got back at 3:15 am and rapidly dropped into sleep.

But we were out again bright and early (well 9:30 ish and maybe not so bright). It was a walk through historic George Town, you can certainly see the colonial influence on the buildings unlike anywhere else we have been in Malaysia.

A typical street

There is a lot of street art around in the form of paintings / murals, painted by Earnest Zacharevic a well known one is Kids on a Bicycle in Armenian Street, also there are a number of metal decorations as well.

We visited Chew Jetty next, the jetties of which there are six (there was seven but one was burnt) collectively known as the clan jetties. Walking to the end gave spectacular views across to the mainland and along the George Town shoreline.

Chew Jetty

Something is missing from Chew Jetty

Along the coast of George Town

At last we found a bicycle shop with a robust looking touring tyre to replace the puncture attracting one on Janet’s bicycle, we shall see.

Then food, we found a nice “hawker” type restaurant and had two lovely stir fried noodle dishes.

While we were doing the tourist thing we had an email from Art and Tak who we met on the ferry over yesterday asking if we were interested in food tonight, so off we trotted to Presgrave Street hawkers centre. Here we had a nice meal and chatted for a while exchanging stories from our journeys in Thailand.

Martin, Art and Tac content after a nice meal

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